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listenlivebuttonBy The Glass is a show based around the wonderful world of Beverages. Wine, Spirits, and Beer play an important role in our culture, thru their magical way of crossing the boundaries of life and bringing us all together. What could be more traditional than sipping bubbly at a celebration, beer at a ballgame or a glass of wine on that special occasion? I will bring beginners, industry insiders, and fellow enthusiasts in to the picture as we celebrate and discover the world of beverage around us. The topics we will discuss will be as vast as the trends themselves, with fun facts and down right knowledge of the foundations behind them. Cross referencing the scenes in which the spirits become alive. Whether it is a posh Martini lounge in South Beach, A hot college pub pouring all the latest craft brands, or a European bistro featuring the finest vintages, all will be incorporated.

The beverage world is entering a renaissance. Now more than ever we have the chance to turn our passions and desires for our craft into a reality that we all can benefit from. Distinctively combining the beauty of all three major categories in a marriage becoming of them, I have found how interestingly intertwined they all are. I’m asking every one to join me as we travel down that, old familiar road for some, and brave new world for others. To share, learn, laugh and discover the beverage universe in all of its parts, sip by sip, bottle to bottle, By the Glass.